landscape architecture and associated design

About Us

Rachel Mooney and Phil Hall have over 20 years experience in Landscape architecture and design, with  a broad range of expertise in public parks, playgrounds, new housing, and environmental improvement schemes.
Rachel is an associate landscape architect with PLAYLINK.

In 2009 we were awarded first place for LGN Street Design Awards in the Children's Play category for our work on Skelton's Lane Park
We believe in engagement in our schemes through participation; we undertake this through workshops and art projects, which enable a more intimate involvement in the scheme for the users, whilst often providing a material and personal stake in the final build.

We can offer bespoke, site-specific solutions, which are often better value than off-the-peg, catalogue designs.


"....The service I received was complete, providing beautiful and innovative designs, clever planting, thorough detailing, careful tendering and cost control, with good relationships, all combined with sensitivity to user need and openness in consultation...." 
 "Rachel creates spaces which do more than just respond to a brief - they give the user something special and durable..."  Peter Sandy, Client, Acacia Playpark

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